Visual effects are increasingly playing a vital supporting role in movies, TV series and High-end commercials. At DHvfx we specialize on High end Results for productions of any size, taking projects from the creative stage to finishing and delivery.

Our Services

Art Direction

At DH we believe in the early adoption of digital tools in any creative process.Thats why we offer consulting and art direction services for any given production. At DH we aim constantly for an artistic and technical balance

R+D and Visual Effects

Creating a visual experience,at most times, requires some research and development. In our studio, we are committed to deliver you the optimal visual solution for your project, through a process of investigation that goes from planning to shooting and final delivery.


Within our 3D portfolio, we offer a wide service of development, visualisation and finishing. With this versatility and experience in the management of various disciplines, we can generate the creative vision proposed by the client with accuracy.


Many times, and more often, modern sotrytelling requires simulated visual effects. Rigid body and fluid simulations, digital make up, atmosferic effects and so on. At DH we are prepared to fill the artistic and technical needs that each production requires, and to take those needs to the next level.


At DH, we have the most advanced tools in the industry in order to solve the problems of any given production. Finishing a shot and composing each element that conform it is a highly technical procedure in which our artists deliver the highest standard and quality levels for final delivery and grading.

On set supervision

A fundamental part of vfx research and development, is the correct supervision while shooting. When digital assets interact with real elements and actors, the advice of an experienced vfx supervisor is highly significant and will guarantee the correct execution of the shot.

Visual effects as narrative and cohesive tools.
A coherent collaboration of artistry, technology and creativity.

Feature Films